(From Policies and Procedures, “Faculty and Staff Wage, Salary and Employment Policy and Staff Wage and Employment Policy,” Section 4000, Series 4000, Page 5)


1.) Summer School Salary

Faculty members who are contracted for the next fall semester shall be paid on the following basis for summer session teaching and advising. Retiring faculty may request payment on this basis if the request is submitted by March 1 of the final year of employment.

Degree Per Credit Hour Taught
Sub-MA $710
Masters $770
Doctorate $830

Faculty members on extended contracts do not qualify for additional stipends. Faculty members without a contract will be paid per the part-time instructor pay schedule.


4.) Placement on Salary Schedule

a. Degrees must be earned from an accredited institution.

b. Lateral placement, i.e., movement to the MA+15, +30, +45 or any similar lateral movement on the schedule, is based on approved course work from an accredited institution or, for recognized skill and trade areas, on comparable stages of professional certification or licensure and must be approved by the President or designee. When proper approval was previously granted by the administration, lateral movement shall occur even when faculty salaries are not increased.