Employees are offered two options for their retirement contribution Wyoming Retirement or TIAA/CREF.  The District contributes 9.37% of the employee’s salary, and the employee pays 7.25% of the employee’s salary.

Wyoming Retirement – This retirement option is available to all State & College employees through the State of Wyoming.  It is a “Defined Benefit” plan which utilizes a standard formula to determine the “guaranteed” monthly benefit at retirement.

TIAA/CREF – This plan is offered nationwide for employees in higher education. TIAA/CREF is a “Defined Contribution” plan.   This plan allows the employee to make all “investment” decisions via a numerous investment alternatives (mutual funds of stocks, bonds, guaranteed savings etc.).

In addition, the District makes available a number of qualified plans for “employee” contributions to several supplemental retirement accounts.  Whether the employee chooses a 403 (b) or a 457 plan, all enable the employee to take advantage of pre-tax savings via payroll deduction.  There is also a Roth 457 plan available for employees wanting that selection.


Health, Dental, and Life

The District offers qualifying employees health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance.  The health and dental plans have designated PPO’s through the Great West Insurance provider network. Coverage is provided by the State of Wyoming through contracts with Cigna, Delta Dental and Minnesota Life.

The District currently pays the equivalent of 85% of the total premium costs regardless of the level of insurance (employee only, employee plus dependents or family coverage).


Paid time off is available for designated part-time employees in the following plans:

Holidays–  Five holidays are available during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The employee may elect which holiday they wish to use but the leave must be during regular District holiday periods.

Sick– Two days per semester are available.

Flexible Benefit Plan

Employees can choose to set up an account to pay with “pre-tax” dollars the following qualified expenses:

Flexible Spending Account– To pay for employee contributions to health, dental, and life insurance premiums.

Medical Reimbursement Account – For any qualified medical expense that is not covered by insurance.

Dependent Care Account– Allowable expenses for dependent care.

Additional Fringe Benefits

·     Tuition Grants for Credit and Non-Credit Courses for the employee only at Sheridan or Gillette  College, paid at 50%

·     Admission to some Campus Activities at no charge

Dental Clinic services at no charge