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“In everyday life, most of us are held back by our sense that our resources are limited and that circumstances control our destiny. Even if we are successful by society’s standards, we restrict our options and behave as if necessity, reasonableness, feasibility, and the givens, act as natural law, ruling our daily lives. The conventional assumption that we must ‘face reality’ is without a doubt the greatest single constraint on human imagination, vision, and enterprise. It is an arbitrary, self imposed limit on beliefs, especially our belief in what is possible. What happens when we choose a different place to stand? What happens when we intentionally select the aspects of reality that we want to use for our foundation?”

In this passage from his book What Kind of World Do You Want?, Jim Lord shares the approach of choosing to see the “best” as a strategy for building on our past, living in the present, and moving into the future. Often, what we choose to see is exactly what we find, positive or negative. According to Lord’s approach, we need to consciously focus on the positive and find the conditions that promote the world in which we want to live.

We invite you to join the Center for a Vital Community as we work to strengthen Sheridan County by engaging its citizens. Your financial backing will ensure the continued impact of CVC programming on the Sheridan community. As Jim Lord says, we are limited only by the stretch of our imaginations – and considering the collective talent, intellect and creativity here in our community, the county just east of the Big Horns is a great place to stand.

For information on how you can contribute to the Center for a Vital Community, please contact Amy Albrecht at 674-6446 ext. 4203 or at A gift and pledge sheet can be downloaded here.  You can also visit the Sheridan College Foundation website for more information on giving to our great community.