Study Circles on Poverty



    After five weeks of Study Circles with 140 participants, MAJOR INITIATIVES developed from the community conversations.  It’s the perfect time to get connected to what’s going on in the community! Join us.



    Study Circle Initiatives:

    One-Stop Resource Center
    Contacts:              Jeriann Jacobson,    674-6446 ext. 4204

    Bridges Out of Poverty Training/Getting Ahead Classes/Circles Programs
    Contacts:              Amy Albrecht,          674-6446 ext. 4203

    County-wide Transportation
    Contact:                Carmen Rideout,     672-2240

    Internship/Mentoring Opportunities
    Contact:                 Mark Kinner,       674-7411

    Food Pantry Plus/Garden
    Contact:                Stella Montano, 672-2240

    Mental Illness Support
    Contact:                Mejia Williams, 674-5534

    To get involved or learn more about the initiatives please email or call Amy Albrecht at 674-6446