CiViC Testimonials

“This retreat benefited so many people in our community, many of which did not attend or even know that it took place. I can’t speak for everyone, but this was a very rewarding experience for me. It affected not only my outlook on the community but also myself, family, friends, and future. To meet in one week so many people with the desire and ambition to make positive changes and improve the quality of life in our community was amazing.”

Scott Chandler, 2006 SCP delegate

“I believe, at its most fundamental level, the Sheridan CiViC Project framed the concept of community leadership and gave me insights and courage to see myself as a valuable contributor. The Sheridan CiViC Project experience is proving to be a turning point in my career, from being a spread-too-thin community educator to a more focused change-maker. As I continue to grow in my profession and reach out in Sheridan, I want to express my deepest thanks for being a part of the Sheridan CiViC Project.”

Carolyn Benepe, 2006 SCP delegate

“Most profound was the intense introspection built into the course. Rarely in this age do we create a chance to gaze into our own hearts and minds, evaluate what we see, and make a plan for progress. Though the average passerby may not notice, the Sheridan CiViC Project transformed me, and I can’t wait to see the impact and contributions of 48 CiViC graduates on this community in the years to come.”

Mitch Craft, 2007 SCP delegate

“What a fabulous and life-enriching experience! As a relative newcomer to the idea of community service, I was finding the vast array of service possibilities rather mind numbing. The week with the team allowed me to find ways to prioritize the various ways to help this community and still keep everything within my own capabilities and preferences. This experience has surely changed my life, and I intend to pay back those changes to the Sheridan community. Thanks so much!”

Holland Duell, 2007 SCP delegate