The Center

    The Center for a Vital Community aims to serve businesses, nonprofit organizations and foundations by increasing effective communication, encouraging partnerships and providing ongoing workshops and other opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    The Center for a Vital Community relies on a clear-cut strategy to engage citizens to strengthen our community.


    The CVC will be recognized as the forum that joins all Sheridan County citizens to identify and respond to our area’s civic issues in the spirit of openness and respect.


    It is the mission of the CVC to seek opportunities to strengthen community resources through training, collaboration and sharing of information.


    Enrichment: Our work exists to enhance the lives of citizens in our community.

    Integrity: We are accountable for our conduct and our work; our ethics will not be compromised.

    Leadership: We cultivate innovation and initiative in all areas of community life.


    Leadership: The CVC will work to empower citizens to become more actively involved in strengthening this and other communities.

    Communication: The CVC will support citizens in making informed and thoughtful decisions that impact our community.

    Partnerships: The CVC will promote partnerships that build on community resources.

    Experiences: The CVC will share experiences with other communities.