We conceive of planning as an iterative process within the context of our Mission and Values.  Trustees provide direction and feedback in response to strategies and goals developed by Senior Staff.  Broad employee participation takes place at All-Campus Conversations led by the President as well as in department meetings.  Detailed planning is carried out by Senior Staff operating managers working in consultation with direct reports who carry out implementation.

Our Annual Strategic Planning Retreat includes a review of strategies and their fit with our Mission as well as an Environmental Scan that integrates data about the college, our community, and the market as a whole.  As a public institution, we also are guided by State Interests and Strategies as set forth in the Wyoming Community College Commission Strategic Plan.

Financial planning supports the strategic planning process.  Master planning is aligned with our strategic planning process to ensure that capital priorities respond to actual needs.  The Board-approved Master Plans for Sheridan and Gillette include campus maps showing existing and planned facilities.  The plans are reviewed regularly with particular attention to physical plant capacity and its ability to support strategic priorities.

Our Institutional Scorecard is a snapshot of organization health based on seven key indicators.  All except Degrees and Certificates Awarded are composite measures based on multiple working measures used for planning and decision-making in functional areas.  Each measure is explained on page two of the scorecard.  For more information see our Systems Portfolio Update 2013.

Institutional Scorecard

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