“Foundations of Excellence¬ģ in the First College Year is a year-long, comprehensive guided self-study and improvement process for the first year of college. It engages participants in debate, research, analysis, and improvement planning. The process focuses on the institution – its policies, practices, and programs – rather than on the characteristics of entering students or student-level outcomes. ”

Team Leader: Dick Birkholz

Team Members: Cathy Anderson, Teri Anderson, Ami Erickson, Carol Garcia, Rose Hendrickson, Jenny Heuck, Debbie Iverson, Scott Thompson, and Robin West

Ex-officio Members: Kevin Drumm, Mark Englert, Doug Parrott, and Paul Young

Project Description

Dimension Committees
    Campus Culture
    All Students
    Roles & Purposes

Project Updates
Final Report
2007 Annual Update & Review

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