Develop & Implement a Modularized Math Sequence for Developmental Students

The goal of this project is to improve student retention/success by creating new learning opportunities for students w ho struggle in math. This project w ill serve a majority of our student population, as most incoming students place into developmental math. The modularized approach w ould allow students to move at their ow n pace throughout the course sequence in the pre-college curriculum, depending on their abilities and maturity level, so they are able to receive remediation they need in the appropriate time-frame.

Team Leader: Jay Araas

Team Members: Michael Carver, Kevin Fox, Susan Grant, Scott Thompson, Karen Wendel, and Jim Will

Project Timeline: December 1, 2011 – December 1, 2013

Project Description

Meeting Minutes

2012 Annual Update and Review

2013 Annual Update and Review

Final Report

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