Military Credit for Prior Learning (MCPL)

The ultimate goal of this action project is to increase student veteran graduation rates by increasing the number of credits student veterans receive for prior learning.¬† Ideally, student veterans would be able to earn up to 8 general education credits as well as program specific credits.¬† This will accelerate their graduation timeline, increase motivation to succeed, and positively impact retention as students will achieve their goals sooner with less financial cost.¬† A secondary goal will be to increase student veteran enrollment by making NWCCD more ‚Äúveteran friendly‚ÄĚ than other schools that are not offering MCPL.

Team Lead: Brett Burtis

Team Members: Brett Burtis, Elaine Goodrich-Premo, David Marquith, John Sutton

Timeline: February 24, 2014 – February 24, 2015

Meeting Minutes

Annual Update and Response from HLC

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