Action Projects are specific time-limited initiatives focused on improvement related to our continuous quality initiative or our strategic plan.  The Project Description covers the purpose, goals, timeline, milestones and outcome measures; the Final Report includes a summary and plans for ongoing maintenance of the changes launched by the project.  For information about a specific project please click on its link.


Developing a Process Addressing Alcohol, Drug and Sexual Assault Awareness
Proposed timeline: February 2015 – February 2016
For more information contact Larissa Bonnet,, (307) 674-6446, Ext. 2300

User-Testing to Guide Creation of User Applications
Proposed timeline: February  2014 РJanuary  2015
For more information contact Mark Nitschke,, (307) 674-6446, Ext. 2804

Assessing General Education: A Re-Evaluation of Core Abilities
Proposed timeline: September 2014 РJune 2016
For more information contact Dr. Richard hall,, (307) 674-6446, Ext. 2835


Follow the link to Higher Learning Commission to access archived NWCCD AQIP projects, instructions to navigate the HLC site are below:

Accreditation>AQIP>Action Projects

Click on the Search link to the AQIP Action Project Directory Archive.

In the Institution drop down menu, select Northern Wyoming Community College District

Click the Find Projects Button.

All archived Action Projects from NWCCD will list with links to view individual projects.