Senior Staff consists of the President, direct reports to the President, and appointed Deans and Directors deemed appropriate by the President. 

Dr. Paul Young: President
Ext. 2850

Dr. Mark Englert: Vice President/CEO of Gillette College
Ext. 1301

Dr. Jon Connolly: Vice President Academic Affairs
Ext. 2835

Cheryl Heath: Vice President for Administration & Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 2840

Dr. Susan Bigelow: Vice President of Development
Ext. 2861

Dr. Mercedes Aguirre Batty: Dean of Arts & Science
Ext. 3108

Dr. Ami Erickson: Dean of Agriculture and Technical Careers
Ext. 3104

Trudy Munsick: Dean of Health Sciences
Ext. 2834

Sharon Elwood: Dean of Enrollment Services
Ext. 2820

Carol Garcia: Dean of Students
Ext. 2303

Jennifer McArthur: Director Human Resources
Ext. 2811

Wendy Smith: Marketing and Public Information Director
Ext. 2801

Jenni Winter: Director of Finance and Operations – Gillette College
Ext. 1443

Jed Jensen: Dean of Technical Education
Ext. 1320

Derek Andrews: Director, Sheridan College in Johnson County
Ext. 6003