The Personnel Committee addresses issues related to College employment.


14 A  (SC)        Erin Nitschke 14 C  (GC)        Laura Stryker
15 A  (SC)        Aaron Odom 15 C  (GC)        Elaine Pridgeon
15 A  (GC)        Chad Trebby 14 F  (SC)         Doug Reitinger
14 A  (GC)        Beth Walker 15 F  (SC)         Crissy Hunter
14 C  (SC)        Kim Detmer 14 F  (GC)         Karen Desch
15 C  (SC)        Monica Leonard 15 F  (GC)         Mamadou Keita

4 Administrative staff (2 GC, 2 SC) including Administrative Staff president or appointee,

4 Classified staff (2 GC, 2 SC) including Classified Staff Association president or appointee,

4 Faculty (2 GC, 2 SC) and those listed below:

Cheryl Heath, Vice President Administration and Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer McArthur, Director Human Resources

Paul Young, President (ex-officio)

A    Administrative Staff GC     Gillette College
C    Classified Staff SC      Sheridan College
F    Faculty Teaching Professionals are those whose primary responsibility is student instruction and may include Faculty
Policies & Procedures Series 2005.1, pg. 2: “Some committee appointments are voluntary while others are identified by job title.  Volunteer positions are recommended by employee and student groups and appointed by the President.  Terms are for two years, with approximately 50 percent of the positions available each year.  Appointments are made in the spring and terms begin with the start of the fall semester. 
14  Term ends May 2014           15 Term ends May 2015