Senior Staff

Senior Staff consists of the President, direct reports to the President, and appointed Deans and Directors deemed appropriate by the President.

The Senior Staff reviews and recommends policy brought before them and the President carries recommendations forward to the Board of Trustees. Senior Staff also reviews and recommends procedures brought before them and carries decisions back to appropriate staff.

The Chief Financial Officer makes recommendations to the President on College financial matters.

Deans’ Council

Academic governance is a dual responsibility of the faculty and academic administration of the college. The Deans’ Council represents the administrative branch of academic governance for the college and collaborates with the Faculty Senate and the C&S Committee to deliver institutional advancement of academic programs, identify academic support mechanisms, and ensure academic quality and integrity. Additionally, both the administrative and faculty branches of the academic governance structure generate academic policy and procedures proposals to be approved by the President and Board of Trustees. The CAO has final prudential authority on forwarding Academic Policies and Procedures to the President.

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate participates in academic leadership through interaction with the CAO on academic issues and active communication with the C&S, Distance Education, Student Progress and Learning, and Faculty Development committees.

Curriculum and Standards

The C&S Committee reviews information and makes recommendations on items that relate to proposed as well as established curriculum offerings, and that relate to standards in the teaching and learning partnership.

The C&S Committee vets new programs delivered to it by the Program Development Process (PDP). In considering potential new programs, the C&S Committee weighs the academic value of programs and the academic standards set by the curriculum design. After thorough review, the recommendation of the C&S Committee is forwarded to the Faculty Senate for action.


The Personnel Committee addresses issues related to College employment.

Student Issues and Concerns

The Student Issues and Concerns Committee addresses student concerns brought before it and explores ideas for enhancing the student experience.