NWCCD’s internal governance system provides broad-based opportunities for input and participation by faculty, staff, and students – elected, appointed, and volunteer – in setting the direction of the College.

Standing CommitteesCommittees are identified as Governance, Advisory, and Working. Policy issues are handled by Governance Committees. Working Committees have defined areas of responsibility, an active workload at each meeting, and decision-making authority. Advisory Committees interact regularly and provide input and feedback to an area chief administrator. Any suggestions, concerns or recommendations related to College policy that is developed by working or advisory committees is forwarded to the appropriate governance committee.

Some committee appointments are voluntary while others are identified by job title.Volunteer positions are recommended by employee and student groups and confirmed by the President. Terms are for two years, with approximately 50 percent of the positions available each year. Appointments are made in the spring and terms begin with the start of the fall semester.

Senior Staff
Deans’ Council
Faculty Senate
Curriculum & Standards
Student Issues & Concerns
Distance Education
Student Progress and Learning
Faculty Development
Staff Development
Student Appeals

NWCCD’s governance system is further outlined in the Policy and Procedures Handbook, series 2005.