Employee Directory

For main department and fax numbers, please visit our Department Directory Page.

Here is a directory listing of faculty and staff:

Name First Name Last Name Phone Job Title Department
Aaron Odom Aaron Odom aodom@sheridan.edu 307-675-0202 Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Abbey Woods Abbey Woods awoods@sheridan.edu 307-675-0393 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Alice Stewart Alice Stewart astewart@sheridan.edu 307.674.6446 xNA Facilities Specialist Facilities
Alyssa Wright Alyssa Wright awright@sheridan.edu 307-675-0313 Faculty Nursing
Amanda Malyurek Amanda Malyurek amalyurek@sheridan.edu 307-681-6304 Faculty Nursing
Amber Weiss Amber Weiss aweiss@sheridan.edu 307-675-0556 User Services Coordinator Information Technology Services
Ami Erickson Ami Erickson amie@sheridan.edu 307-675-0544 Faculty Agriculture
Amy Albrecht Amy Albrecht aalbrecht@sheridan.edu 307-675-0831 Director of CVC CVC
Amy Browning Amy Browning abrowning@sheridan.edu 307-675-0122 Coordinator of Counseling & ADA Services Student Affairs
Amy Roe Amy Roe aroe@sheridan.edu 307-675-0448 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Amy Turpin Amy Turpin aturpin@sheridan.edu 307-675-0312 Faculty Nursing
Amy Wyatt Amy Wyatt awyatt@sheridan.edu 307-675-0303 C.N.A. Faculty Nursing
Andrea Morgan Andrea Morgan amorgan@sheridan.edu 307-675-0123 Administrative Coordinator Vice President, Student Affairs
Angela Sandy Angela Sandy asandy@sheridan.edu 307-681-6430 Faculty Education
Ann Meyer Ann Meyer ameyer@sheridan.edu 307-681-6305 Faculty Nursing
Ann Neary Ann Neary aneary@sheridan.edu 307-681-6015 Testing Center Coordinator Advising
Ann Storey Ann Storey astorey@sheridan.edu 307-675-0513 Coordinator of Campus Life Campus Life & Housing
Ashlea Bassett Ashlea Bassett abassett@sheridan.edu 307-675-0852 JC College Services Specialist SC In Johnson County
Ashley Mallett Ashley Mallett amallett@sheridan.edu 307-681-6108 Instructional Designer External Relations & Economic Development
Ashley Shenefelt Ashley Shenefelt ashenefelt@sheridan.edu 307-681-6005 Enrollment Specialist Records & Registration
Barbara Williams Barbara Williams barbw@sheridan.edu 307-675-0610 Administrative Assistant Athletics
Beau Corkins Beau Corkins bcorkins@sheridan.edu 307-681-6272 Faculty Math
Becca Manning Becca Manning rmanning@sheridan.edu 307-675-0253 Campus Police Officer Campus Police
Beth Walker Beth Walker bwalker@sheridan.edu 307-681-6011 Director of Advising and Testing Services Advising
Billie Rae Charles Billie Rae Charles bcharles@sheridan.edu 307-675-0160 AE/ESL Faculty Center for College and Career Readiness
Bobbi Mitzel Bobbi Mitzel rmitzel@sheridan.edu 307-675-0703 Alumni Relations and Communications Coordinator SC Foundation/Marketing
Boyd Deuel Boyd Deuel bdeuel@sheridan.edu 307-675-0512 Coordinator of Residential Life Campus Life & Housing
Brad Schaedler Brad Schaedler brads@sheridan.edu 307-681-6180 Faculty Communications/Western Civilization
Brady Fackrell Brady Fackrell bfackrell@sheridan.edu 307-675-0550 Director of ITS, CIO Information Technology Services
Brayden Dempsey Brayden Dempsey bdempsey@sheridan.edu 307-675-0252 Campus Police Officer Campus Police
Brenda Haseman Brenda Haseman bhaseman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0203 Scholarship Coordinator Financial Aid
Brent Heusinkveld Brent Heusinkveld brenth@sheridan.edu 307-681-6092 Faculty Diesel
Brett Burke Brett Burke bburke@sheridan.edu 307-675-0543 Faculty Agriculture
Brett Burtis Brett Burtis bburtis@sheridan.edu 307-675-0101 Director of Advising & Testing Advising
Britni Camino Britni Camino bcamino@sheridan.edu 307-675-0306 Faculty Nursing
Brittney Denham Brittney Denham bdenham@sheridan.edu 307-675-0233 Faculty Art
Brooke Tibbetts Brooke Tibbetts btibbetts@sheridan.edu 307-681-6052 Police Officer Campus Police
Bruce McCartney Bruce McCartney brucem@sheridan.edu 307-675-0468 Grounds Specialist Grounds
Callie Fall Callie Fall cfall@sheridan.edu 307-675-0574 Payroll Specialist Human Resources/Payroll
Cara Mittleider Cara Mittleider cmittleider@sheridan.edu 307-681-6331 Director of Administrative Services Business Office
Carol Clark Carol Clark cclark@sheridan.edu 307-675-2000 Enrollment Services Specialist Enrollment Services
Carol Muirhead Carol Muirhead cmuirhead@sheridan.edu 307-681-6140 Faculty CTE, Computer
Catherine Radach Catherine Radach cradach@sheridan.edu 307-675-0335 Accounts Payable Specialist Business Office
Chad Trebby Chad Trebby ctrebby@sheridan.edu 307-681-6051 Police Lieutenant Campus Police
Chanda Richards Chanda Richards crichards@sheridan.edu 307-675-0204 Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Char Lessenger Char Lessenger clessenger@sheridan.edu 307-675-0504 Admissions Counselor Student Services
Charles Denny Charles Denny cdenny@sheridan.edu 307-681-6240 Faculty Humanities, English
Charles Holloway Charles Holloway holloway@sheridan.edu 307-675-0545 Faculty Agriculture
Cheryl Heath Cheryl Heath cheath@sheridan.edu 307-675-0811 Vice President of Administrative Services/CFO Vice President, Administrative Services
Chris Erickson Chris Erickson cerickson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0732 Faculty Music
Chrisondra Kern Chrisondra Kern ckern@sheridan.edu 307-681-6557 PC Technician Information Technology Services
Christena Britton Christena Britton cbritton@sheridan.edu 307-681-6345 MSHA Grant Faculty MSHA
Christina Grammens Christina Grammens cgrammens@sheridan.edu 307-681-6041 Assistant Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Christina Rigdon Christina Rigdon crigdon@sheridan.edu 307-675-0113 Associate Registrar Records & Registration
Claire Barnes Claire Barnes cbarnes@sheridan.edu 307-675-0416 Writer/Editor Marketing
Claire Phillips Claire Phillips cphillips@sheridan.edu 307-681-6502 Coordinator of Residential Life Campus Life & Housing
Cody Ball Cody Ball cball@sheridan.edu 307-675-0106 Director of Dual Enrollment Programs Dual Enrollment
Courtland Roy Courtland Roy croy@sheridan.edu 307-675-0554 Computer Operations Specialist Information Technology Services
Crissy Hunter Crissy Hunter chunter@sheridan.edu 307-675-0308 Faculty Nursing
DannyLee Hodnett Daniel Hodnett dhodnett@sheridan.edu 307-675-0750 Faculty Theater
Darryl Kurtz Darryl Kurtz dkurtz@sheridan.edu 307-675-0449 Facilities Specialist Facilities
David Brock David Brock dbrock@sheridan.edu 307-675-0232 Faculty Art
David Golden David Golden dgolden@sheridan.edu 307-675-0171 Faculty English
Deborah Isakson Deborah Isakson disakson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0600 Conference & Services Coordinator College Services
Dee Davis Dee Davis deedavis@sheridan.edu 307-675-0702 Office Manager SC Foundation
Del Seville Del Seville dseville@sheridan.edu 307-675-0441 Custodial Manager Facilities
Denise Scammon Denise Scammon dscammon@sheridan.edu 307-675-0150 Assistant Coordinator of Gear Up Enrollment Services, Gear-Up
Dennis Gilbar Dennis Gilbar dgilbar@sheridan.edu 307-681-6360 Director of Show Choir Music
Dennis Jacobs Dennis Jacobs djacobs@sheridan.edu 307-675-0414 Graphic Designer and Photographer Marketing
Dennis Wood Dennis Wood dwood@sheridan.edu Facilities Specialist-Crew Lead Facilities
Derek Andrews Derek Andrews deandrews@sheridan.edu 307-675-0851 Director of Sheridan College in Johnson County SC In Johnson County
Diane Adler Diane Adler dadler@sheridan.edu 307-681-6221 Director of Library Services-Gillette College Library
Diane Redman Diane Redman dredman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0710 Director of Massage Therapy Massage Therapy
Doris Ostrowski Doris Ostrowski dostrowski@sheridan.edu 307-675-0825 Administrative Assistant Science, Math, Ag, Culinary
Doug Cherry Doug Cherry dcherry@sheridan.edu 307-675-0780 Director of Business Education Business
Douglas McGee Douglas McGee dmcgee@sheridan.edu 307-681-6150 Faculty Political Science
Douglas Reitinger Douglas Reitinger dougr@sheridan.edu 307-675-0175 Faculty English
Dr. Eric Richards Eric Richards erichards@sheridan.edu 307-675-0733 Faculty Music
Duane Fischer Duane Fischer dfischer@sheridan.edu 307-675-0660 Faculty Diesel
Edith Johnson-LaMeres Edith Johnson-LaMeres elameres@sheridan.edu 307-675-0725 Faculty Math
Effie Lewis Effie Lewis elewis@sheridan.edu 307-675-0390 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Elaine Premo Elaine Premo egoodrich-premo@sheridan.edu 307-675-0191 Faculty Social Science
Elaine Pridgeon Elaine Pridgeon epridgeon@sheridan.edu 307-681-6301 Administrative Assistant Nursing
Elia Mara Castillo de Martinez Elia Mara Castillo de Martinez ecastillodemartinez@sheridan.edu 307-681-6452 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Elizabeth “Anne” Gunn Elizabeth Gunn egunn@sheridan.edu 307-675-0790 Web Instructor/School District Liaison CTE, Computer
Erin Hanke Erin Hanke ehanke@sheridan.edu 307-675-0361 Director of Whitney Center for the Arts Art
Everett Schulze Everett Schulze eschulze@sheridan.edu Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead Facilities
Fay Bisbee Fay Bisbee fbisbee@sheridan.edu 307-675-0301 Nursing Student Coordinator Nursing
Felicia Sams Felicia Sams fsams@sheridan.edu 307-675-0322 Faculty Hospitality/Culinary
Gary Bennage Gary Bennage gbennage@sheridan.edu Facilities Specialist Facilities
Gary Peters Gary Peters gpeters@sheridan.edu 307-681-6455 Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance
Gena Toivonen Gena Toivonen 307.674.6446 x3400 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Geraldine Manan Geraldine Manan gmanan@sheridan.edu 307-681-6480 Coordinator of Retention Trio/Student Support Services
Gina Kidneigh Gina Kidneigh gkidneigh@sheridan.edu 307-675-0332 Business Office Director Business Office
Guy Morris Guy Morris gmorris@sheridan.edu 307-675-0664 Diesel Lab Assistant Diesel
Gwen Reed Gwen Reed greed@sheridan.edu 307-681-6306 Faculty Nursing
Heidi Balster Heidi Balster hbalster@sheridan.edu 307-675-0201 Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Heidi Gross Heidi Gross hgross@sheridan.edu 307-681-6400 Executive Director of Gillette College Foundation GC Foundation
Hugo Curiel Hugo Curiel hcuriel@sheridan.edu 307-675-0451 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Ian Scott Ian Scott iscott@sheridan.edu 307-681-6442 Area 59 Manager CTE
Jacob Hirschman Jacob Hirschman jhirschman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0362 Concert Hall Technical Director Art
Jade Uhrich Jade Uhrich juhrich@sheridan.edu 307-675-0336 Student Account Specialist Business Office
James Elkins James Elkins jelkins@sheridan.edu 307-681-6230 Writing Center Coordinator/English Instructor Learning Center
James Lollar James Lollar jlollar@sheridan.edu 307-675-0443 Assistant Director of Facilities Facilities
James Stratton James Stratton jstratton@sheridan.edu 307-681-6350 Director of ISTI & MSHA Grant Manager ISTI/Workforce Services & Community Education
Jana Clements Jana Clements jclements@sheridan.edu 307-675-0810 Administrative Coordinator Vice President, Administrative Services
Janet Johnson Janet Johnson jjohnson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0503 Admissions Specialist Student Services
Janine Sasse-Englert Janine Sasse-Englert jsasse-englert@sheridan.edu 307-675-0402 Director of Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Janis McClelland Janis McClelland jmcclelland@sheridan.edu 307-675-0395 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Jason Browning Jason Browning jbrowning@sheridan.edu 307-675-0210 Director of Institutional Research Institutional Research
Jason Vela Julian Vela jvela@sheridan.edu 307-675-0250 Police Chief Campus Police
Jay Araas John Araas jaraas@sheridan.edu 307-675-0720 Faculty Math
Jay Lindsay Jay Lindsay jlindsay@sheridan.edu 307-681-6380 Project Director of DOL TAA/CCCT Grant Vice President, External Relations & Economic Development
Jeanne Anderson Jeanne Anderson janderson@sheridan.edu 307-681-6308 Faculty Nursing
Jed Jensen Jed Jensen jjensen@sheridan.edu 307-681-6100 Dean of Career & Technical Education Dean, Career and Technical Education
Jeff Jones Jeff Jones jcjones@sheridan.edu 307-675-0581 Faculty Education
Jeff McInerney Jeff McInerney jmcinerney@sheridan.edu 307-675-0453 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Jeffrey Walter Jeffrey Walter jwalter@sheridan.edu 307-675-0726 Faculty Math
Jennafer Golden Jennafer Golden jgolden@sheridan.edu 307-675-0408 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Jenni Winter Jenni Winter jwinter@sheridan.edu 307-681-6511 Athletic Director Athletics
Jennifer Adams Jennifer Adams jadams@sheridan.edu 307-675-0112 Enrollment Services Specialist Records & Registration
Jennifer Crouse Jennifer Crouse jcrouse@sheridan.edu 307-675-0701 Executive Director of Sheridan College Foundation SC Foundation
Jennifer Ellenwood Jennifer Ellenwood jennye@sheridan.edu 307-675-0573 Human Resources Specialist Human Resources
Jennifer McArthur Jennifer McArthur jmcarthur@sheridan.edu 307-675-0571 Director of Human Resources Human Resources
Jennifer Nichols Jennifer Nichols jnichols@sheridan.edu 307-675-0724 Faculty Math
Jennifer Stadler Jennifer Stadler jdstadler@sheridan.edu 307-675-0613 Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics
Jeriann Jacobson Jeriann Jacobson jjacobson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0832 Early Childhood Liaison Education
Jerome Johner Jerome Johner jjohner@sheridan.edu 307-681-6456 Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Jessica Maurer Jessica Maurer jmaurer@sheridan.edu 307-681-6021 Coordinator of Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Affairs
Jim Will Jim Will sjwill@sheridan.edu 307-675-0723 Faculty Math
Joanel Rurode Joanel Rurode jrurode@sheridan.edu 307-681-6307 Faculty Nursing
Joe Goe Joe Goe jgoe@sheridan.edu 307-675-0466 Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Joel Mueller Joel Mueller jmueller@sheridan.edu 307-675-0464 Locksmith Maintenance
John Kodet John Kodet jkodet@sheridan.edu 307-681-6261 Faculty Chemistry
John Matthews John Matthews jmatthews@sheridan.edu 307-675-0557 Computer Specialist Information Technology Services
John McCrary John McCrary jmccrary@sheridan.edu 307-675-0454 Facilities Specialist Facilities
John McGuire John McGuire jmcguire@sheridan.edu 307-681-6160 Director of Business Education Business
John Sikkenga John Sikkenga sikkenga@sheridan.edu 307-675-0661 Faculty Diesel
John Sutton John Sutton jsutton@sheridan.edu 307-675-0834 Credit for Prior Learning Advisor Vice President, External Relations & Economic Development
John Woller John Woller jwoller@sheridan.edu 307-675-0469 Grounds Specialist Grounds
Jonni Joyce Jonni Joyce jjoyce@sheridan.edu 307-675-0590 Faculty Criminal Justice
Joseph Aguirre Joseph Aguirre jaguirre@sheridan.edu 307-675-0141 College Success Program Director Trio/Student Support Services
Joseph Gingerich Joseph Gingerich jgingerich@sheridan.edu 307-681-6090 Faculty Diesel
Joseph Mueller Joseph Mueller jbmueller@sheridan.edu 307-675-0501 Executive Director of Admissions Services Student Services
Joseph Young Joseph Young jyoung@sheridan.edu 307-681-6117 Faculty Welding
Josh Michelena Josh Michelena jmichelena@sheridan.edu 307-675-0640 Faculty Construction Technology
Josh Stadler Josh Stadler jstadler@sheridan.edu 307-681-6441 Grounds Supervisor Grounds
Joshua Lucas Joshua Lucas jlucas@sheridan.edu 307-675-0455 Construction Technician Facilities
Jovan Lewis Jovan Lewis jlewis@sheridan.edu 307-681-6033 Director of Center for College and Career Readiness Center for College and Career Readiness
Joy Baule Joy Baule jbaule@sheridan.edu 307-675-0212 Data Support Specialist Vice President, External Relations & Economic Development
Joyce Schaedler Joyce Schaedler joyces@sheridan.edu 307-681-6170 Faculty Business/Communications
Judy Reichert Judy Reichert reichert@sheridan.edu 307-675-0403 Coordinator of Dental Hygiene Clinic Dental Hygiene
Julie Caywood Julie Caywood jcaywood@sheridan.edu 307-675-0401 Student and Administrative Coordinator Dental Hygiene
Julie Davidson-Greer Julie Davidson-Greer jdavidsongreer@sheridan.edu 307-675-0833 Project Coordinator for CVC CVC
Julie Guernsey Julie Guernsey jguernsey@sheridan.edu 307-681-6303 Faculty Nursing
June Biss June Biss jbiss@sheridan.edu 307-675-0406 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Karen Burtis Karen Burtis kburtis@sheridan.edu 307-675-0331 Director of Finance/Controller, NWCCD Business Office
Karen St. Clair Karen St. Clair kstclair@sheridan.edu 307-675-0105 Academic Advisor Advising
Kathleen Davidson Kathleen Davidson kdavidson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0307 Faculty Nursing
Kathryn Lohse Kathryn Lohse kfambrough@sheridan.edu 307-675-0542 Ag Student Recruiter Agriculture
Katie Egging Katie Egging aegging@sheridan.edu 307-675-0173 Faculty English
Katrina Brown Katrina Brown kbrown@sheridan.edu 307-675-0221 Director of Library Services - Sheridan College Library
Kelly Derryberry Kelly Derryberry kellyd@sheridan.edu 307-681-6241 Faculty English
Kent Andersen Kent Andersen kandersen@sheridan.edu 307-675-0444 Director of Facilities Facilities
Kevin Fox Kevin Fox kfox@sheridan.edu 307-675-0650 Faculty Welding
Kiley Dodson Kiley Dodson kdodson@sheridan.edu 307-681-6002 Enrollment Specialist Enrollment Services
Kim Trow Kim Trow ktrow@sheridan.edu 307-675-0463 Maintenance Specialist Maintenance
Kirk Viren Kirk Viren kviren@sheridan.edu 307-675-0559 Classroom Technology Administrator Information Technology Services
Klancie Britton Klancie Britton kbritton@sheridan.edu 307-681-6032 ESL Faculty Center for College and Career Readiness
Kristen LaDuke Kristen LaDuke kladuke@sheridan.edu 307-681-6332 Business Office Coordinator Business Office
Kristin Baule Kristin Baule kbaule@sheridan.edu 307-675-0102 Testing Services Coordinator Advising
Kristin Young Kristin Young kyoung@sheridan.edu 307-681-6016 Gear-Up Site Coordinator Enrollment Services, Gear-Up
Kristine Hogan Kristi Hogan khogan@sheridan.edu 307-681-6444 Facilities Coordinator/Human Resource Technician Facilities
Kristl Harbour Kristl Harbour kharbour@sheridan.edu 307-675-0409 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Kurt Ilgen Kurt Ilgen kilgen@sheridan.edu 307-675-0465 Maintenance Technician Maintenance
Kyler Proffit Kyler Proffit kproffit@sheridan.edu 307-681-6451 Facilities Specialist/Maintenance Technician Facilities
Lacey Anesi Lacey Anesi lanesi@sheridan.edu 307-675-0404 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Lanelle Richards Lanelle Richards lrichards@sheridan.edu 307-675-0222 Librarian Library
Larissa Bonnet Larissa Bonnet lbonnet@sheridan.edu 307-675-0511 Director of Campus Life and Housing Campus Life & Housing
Laura Kemp Laura Kemp lkemp@sheridan.edu 307-681-6004 Enrollment Counselor Records & Registration
Leah Barrett Leah Barrett lbarrett@sheridan.edu 307-675-0121 Vice President of Student Affairs Vice President, Student Affairs
Lee Sowers Lee Sowers lsowers@sheridan.edu 307-675-0456 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Leslie Petersen Leslie Petersen lpetersen@sheridan.edu 307-681-6342 Administrative Assistant MSHA
Levi Lopez Levi Lopez llopez@sheridan.edu 307-675-0473 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Linda Lawrence Linda Lawrence lawrence@sheridan.edu 307-675-0802 Special Projects Coordinator President's Office
Linda Oetken Linda Oetken loetken@sheridan.edu 307-675-0820 Administrative Coordinator Vice President, Academic Affairs
Lisa Arhart Lisa Arhart larhart@sheridan.edu 307-681-6243 Faculty English
Liz Hunter Liz Hunter ehunter@sheridan.edu 307-681-6260 Faculty Physics
Loren Groves Loren Groves lgroves@sheridan.edu 307-681-6460 Veterans Advisor Veterans Services
Louise Posten Louise Posten lposten@sheridan.edu 307-681-6302 Director of Nursing Nursing
Lucia Garcia-Miranda Lucia Garcia-Miranda lnoyola@sheridan.edu 307-681-6446 Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead Facilities
Lukas Martinez Lukas Martinez lukasmartinez@sheridan.edu 307-675-0471 Grounds Tech - Crew Lead Grounds
Mae Smith Mae Smith msmith@sheridan.edu 307-675-0541 Director of Agriculture Agriculture
Mallery Marshall Mallery Marshall mmarshall@sheridan.edu 307-675-0622 Women's Soccer Coach/Coordinator of Student Success Gear-Up Athletics/Enrollment Services, Gear-Up
Marc Gilkerson Marc Gilkerson mgilkerson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0615 Rodeo Coach Athletics
Maria Ortiz Sanchez Maria Ortiz Sanchez msanchez@sheridan.edu 307-681-6450 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Marina Rodriguez Castrellon Marina Rodriguez Castrellon mrodriguezcastrellon 307-681-6447 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Mark Andersen Mark Andersen mandersen@sheridan.edu 307-681-6441 Director of Facilities Facilities
Mark Bergman Mark Bergman mbergman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0730 Faculty Music
Mark Englert Mark Englert menglert@sheridan.edu 307-681-6201 Vice President of Gillette College and CEO Vice President, Gillette College
Mark Naus Mark Naus mnaus@sheridan.edu 307-675-0551 Technical Director Information Technology Services
Mark Nitschke Mark Nitschke mnitschke@sheridan.edu 307-675-0415 Coordinator of Web and New Media Marketing
Mark Thoney Mark Thoney mthoney@sheridan.edu 307-675-0791 Faculty CTE, Computer
Martha Davey Martha Davey mdavey@sheridan.edu 307-675-0822 Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Affairs
MaryJo Johnson MaryJo Johnson mjjohnson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0800 Administrative Coordinator President's Office
Matt Adams Matt Adams madams@sheridan.edu 307-675-0502 Admissions Coordinator Student Services
Matt Ewers Matt Ewers mewers@sheridan.edu 307-681-6022 Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Affairs
Matthew Craig Matthew Craig mcraig@sheridan.edu 307-681-6256 Faculty Biology
Matthew Hammer Matthew Hammer mhammer@sheridan.edu 307-675-0616 Men's Basketball Coach Athletics
Megan Boedeker Megan Boedeker mboedeker@sheridan.edu 307-675-0823 Administrative Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs
Megan Rourke Megan Rourke mrourke@sheridan.edu 307-681-6271 Faculty Math
Mercedes Biteman Mercedes Biteman mbitemand@sheridan.edu 307-675-0472 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Micah Olsen Micah Olsen molsen@sheridan.edu 307-681-6007 Director of Enrollment Management Admissions
Michael Brown Michael Brown mbrown@sheridan.edu 307-675-0553 Information Systems Administrator Information Technology Services
Michael Carver Michael Carver mcarver@sheridan.edu 307-681-6273 Faculty Math
Michael Jensen Michael Jensen mjensen@sheridan.edu 307-675-0172 Faculty English
Michael Walker Michael Walker mwalker@sheridan.edu 307-675-0591 Faculty History/Political Science
Michelle Boule Smith Michelle Boule Smith mboulesmith@sheridan.edu 307-675-0223 Library Specialist Library
Michelle Stevenson Michelle Stevenson mstevenson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0572 Human Resources Specialist Human Resources
Millie Serna Millie Serna mserna@sheridan.edu 307-675-0558 Information Systems Developer Information Technology Services
Miranda Miller Miranda Miller mmiller@sheridan.edu 307-681-6242 Faculty English
Misty Bateman Misty Bateman mbateman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0787 CTE Student Recruiter Dean, Career & Technical Education
Nancy Hooge Nancy Hooge nhooge@sheridan.edu 307-675-0304 Faculty Nursing
Nathan Anderson Nathan Anderson nanderson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0552 Network Administrator Information Technology Services
Nathaniel Ulness Nate Ulness nulness@sheridan.edu 307-681-6518 Women's Soccer Coach Athletics
Nick Ullrich Nick Ullrich nullrich@sheridan.edu 307-681-6343 MSHA Instructor MSHA
Oretha Anderson Oretha Anderson oanderson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0457 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Pamela Wieweck Pamela Wieweck pwieweck@sheridan.edu 307-681-6341 MSHA Records Specialist MSHA
Paul Plourde Paul Plourde pplourde@sheridan.edu 307-681-6110 Faculty Machine Tool
Paul Young Paul Young pyoung@sheridan.edu 307-675-0800 President President
Phyllis Puckett Phyllis Puckett ppuckett@sheridan.edu 307-675-0302 Assistant Director of Nursing Nursing
Rachel Bergman Rachel Bergman rbergman@sheridan.edu 307-675-0731 Faculty Music
Rachel Kristiansen Rachel Kristiansen rkristiansen@sheridan.edu 307-675-0190 Faculty Social Science, Psychology
Rachell Cozad Rachell Cozad rcozad@sheridan.edu 307-675-0445 Facilities Coordinator Facilities
Rafael Escoto Rafael Escoto jescoto@sheridan.edu 307-675-0142 Success Coach/Retention Coordinator Trio/Student Support Services
Ramona Nolan Ramona Nolan rnolan@sheridan.edu 307-681-6200 Administrative Coordinator GC Foundation
Randall Whyte Randall Whyte rwhyte@sheridan.edu 307-675-0646 Faculty Machine Tool
Ray DeStefano Ray DeStefano rdestefano@sheridan.edu 307-681-6101 Faculty Industrial Electrical
Rebecca Arneson Rebecca Arneson rarneson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0721 Faculty Math
Renee Collins Renee Collins rcollins@sheridan.edu 307-681-6556 IT Site Coordinator Information Technology Services
Rhonda Stryker Rhonda Stryker rstryker@sheridan.edu 307-681-6031 AE Faculty Center for College & Career Readiness
Richard Hall Richard Hall rhall@sheridan.edu 307-675-0821 Vice President of Academic Affairs Vice President, Academic Affairs
Richelle Soper Richelle Soper rsoper@sheridan.edu 307-675-0231 Faculty Art
Rita La Forge Rita La Forge rlaforge@sheridan.edu 307-675-0458 Facilities Specialist - Crew Lead Facilities
RJ Rogers RJ Rogers rrogers@sheridan.edu 307-675-0323 Faculty Hospitality/Culinary
Robert Kraft Robert Kraft rkraft@sheridan.edu 307-675-0470 Maintenance Specialist Maintenance
Robert Livingston Robert Livingston rlivingston@sheridan.edu 307-681-6395 Faculty Mining Technology
Robert Milne Robert Milne rmilne@sheridan.edu 307-675-0490 Faculty Chemistry
Rod Dugal Rod Dugal rdugal@sheridan.edu 307-675-0230 Faculty Art
Rohy Keffer Rohy Keffer rkeffer@sheridan.edu 307-681-6344 MSHA Grant Coordinator/Trainer MSHA
Ron Winters Ron Winters rwinters@sheridan.edu 307-675-0143 Success Coach/Retention Coordinator Trio/Student Support Services
Ross Lynn Ross Lynn rlynn@sheridan.edu 307-675-0321 Faculty Hospitality
Ryan Davis Ryan Davis rdavis@sheridan.edu 307-675-0618 Women's Basketball Coach Athletics
Saber Garcia Saber Garcia sgarcia@sheridan.edu 307-681-6517 Men's Soccer Coach Athletics
Sally Layher Sally Layher slayher@sheridan.edu 307-675-0745 Faculty Health & Wellness
Samantha Griffis Samantha Griffis sgriffis@sheridan.edu 307-681-6220 Library Specialist Library
Sara Beres Sara Beres sberes@sheridan.edu 307-675-0405 Faculty Dental Hygiene
Sara Spann Sara Spann sspann@sheridan.edu 307-675-0645 Faculty Machine Tool
Sarah McCartney Sarah McCartney smccartney@sheridan.edu Facilities Specialist Facilities
Sarah Sinclair Sarah Sinclair ssinclair@sheridan.edu 307-675-0170 Faculty English
Scott Engel Scott Engel sengel@sheridan.edu 307-681-6250 Faculty Social Science, Psychology
Scott Newbold Scott Newbold snewbold@sheridan.edu 307-675-0770 Faculty Biology
Sean Smith Sean Smith sssmith@sheridan.edu 307-681-6512 Cross Country Coach Athletics
Shannon Henshaw Shannon Henshaw shenshaw@sheridan.edu 307-681-6003 Admissions Counselor Admissions
Shari Peddicord Shari Peddicord speddicord@sheridan.edu 307-675-0337 Grants Coordinator Vice President, External Relations & Economic Development
Sharon Elwood Sharon Elwood elwood@sheridan.edu 307-675-0124 Special Projects Coordinator Student Affairs
Shawn Neary Shawn Neary sneary@sheridan.edu 307-681-6515 Men's Basketball Coach Athletics
Sherry Wickum Sherry Wickum cwickum@sheridan.edu 307-675-0392 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Steffie Rawlings Steffie Rawlings erawlings@sheridan.edu 307-675-0211 Institutional Research Analyst Institutional Research
Stephanie Koltiska Stephanie Koltiska skoltiska@sheridan.edu 307-675-0755 Faculty Dance
Stephanie McGee Stephanie McGee smcgee@sheridan.edu 307-681-6055 Drug Free Coummunities Grant Coordinator Campus Police
Steven Yount Steven Yount syount@sheridan.edu 307-681-6012 Academic Advisor Advising
Susan Bigelow Susan Bigelow sbigelow@sheridan.edu 307-675-0830 Vice President of External Relations and Economic Development Vice President, External Relations & Economic Development
Susan Serge Susan Serge sserge@sheridan.edu 307-681-6082 Director of Student Affairs Counseling
Thad Rigby Thad Rigby trigby@sheridan.edu 307-675-0104 Academic Advisor Advising
Thomas Johannesmeyer Thomas Johannesmeyer tjohannesmeyer@sheridan.edu 307-675-0761 Faculty Geology
Thomas Shepherd Thomas Shepherd tshepherd@sheridan.edu 307-681-6102 Faculty Electrical Technology
Thor Gunderson Thor Gunderson lgunderson@sheridan.edu 307-681-6270 Faculty Math
Tim Anderson Tim Anderson tanderson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0651 Faculty Welding
Tim Lenz Tim Lenz tlenz@sheridan.edu 307-675-0334 Staff Accountant Business Office
Timmothy Starr Timmothy Starr tstarr@sheridan.edu 307-675-0620 Men's Soccer Coach Athletics
Tobie Alsup Tobie Alsup talsup@sheridan.edu 307-675-0305 Faculty Nursing
Traci King Traci King tking@sheridan.edu 307.674.6446 x3400 Dental Hygiene Instructor Dental Hygiene
Tracie Pollard Tracie Pollard tpollard@sheridan.edu 307-675-0580 Faculty Education
Tracy “Sean” McCrary Tracy "Sean" McCrary tmccrary@sheridan.edu 307-681-6093 Faculty Diesel
Travis Grubb Travis Grubb tgrubb@sheridan.edu 307-681-6091 Faculty Diesel
Travis Holler Travis Holler tholler@sheridan.edu 307-675-0309 Faculty Nursing
Troy Carnes Troy Carnes tcarnes@sheridan.edu 307-675-0442 Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance
Troy Miller Troy Miller tmiller@sheridan.edu 307-681-6116 Faculty Welding
Tyler Jensen Tyler Jensen tjensen@sheridan.edu 307-675-0777 Veterans Advisor Veterans Services
Tyler Karns Tyler Karns tkarns@sheridan.edu 307-675-0311 Faculty Anatomy & Physiology
Valerie Collins Valerie Collins vcollins@sheridan.edu 307-675-0785 Faculty Business
Vaunda Bradley Vaunda Bradley vbradley@sheridan.edu 307-675-0333 Purchasing/Accounting Specialist Business Office
Wade Stromer Wade Stromer wstromer@sheridan.edu 307-675-0561 Server Administrator Information Technology Services
Wendy Medina Wendy Medina wmedina@sheridan.edu 307-681-6448 Facilities Specialist Facilities
Wendy Smith Wendy Smith wsmith@sheridan.edu 307-675-0412 Director of Marketing and Public Information Marketing
Wendy Wood Neeson Wendy Wood Neeson wwoodneeson@sheridan.edu 307-675-0310 EA Whitney Endowed Chair for Nursing Nursing
Will LaDuke Will LaDuke wladuke@sheridan.edu 307-681-6540 Rodeo Coach Athletics
Will Raley Will Raley wraley@sheridan.edu 307-675-0816 Facilities Livestock Specialist College Services
Will Rider Will Rider wrider@sheridan.edu 307-681-6513 Women's Basketball Coach Athletics
William Perkins William Perkins wperkins@sheridan.edu 307-675-0462 Maintenance/Facilities Specialist Facilities
Zackary Houck Zackary Houck zhouck@sheridan.edu 307-675-0446 Grounds Supervisor Grounds
Zane Garstad Zane Garstad zgarstad@sheridan.edu 307-675-0815 Director of College Services College Services