Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association Scholarship Program  

2007 Scholarship Application (.pdf 32k Adobe Acrobat required.)

The primary goal of the Joseph A. Holmes Scholarship Program is to promote health and safety within the mining industry.  This scholarship program was created to recognize and encourage the development of leadership skills in students preparing to enter the field of mining or related fields.  We strongly believe that providing financial aid to students in pursuit of education related to mining will result in a much safer and healthier environment to all miners. 

Strong leadership qualities are important for future miner leaders to exemplify, and promote the development of safe mining throughout the United States.  Emerging leaders of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship program is open to persons who are pursuing careers in safety or health-related fields related to the mining industry. 

Who can apply or qualify for such a program?  If you are currently employed at a mine, if you are related to someone who works at a mine, if you are pursuing a career in the mining industry or any health-related field you may qualify for this scholarship.  The process for the application is very simple.  Just fill out the short application, mail it in with all the required documents before the dead line of April 1, 2007, and you should have an answer from the scholarship committee by July 1, 2007.  If for some reason you were denied this time around, you can always submit your application again at a later time.

Student Leader Scholarship

Scholarship awards are available to the following:

  1. High school graduates (or ‚Äúgraduating seniors‚ÄĚ).
  2. Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a college or university.
  3. Graduates of a college or university.


Online applications are not accepted. However, you may download the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association Scholarship application from either of the following web sites: or  If you need additional information, please contact Sylvia Ortiz, Chairperson of the Joseph A. Holmes Scholarship Committee at