(From Policies and Procedures, “Employee Benefits Programs,” Section 4000, Series 4065, Page 2)


Application for leave shall be made in writing, except in certain emergency conditions.

Employee benefits continue during all periods of leave except during educational leave granted without salary. All employee benefits are forfeited in foreign or domestic exchange teaching arrangements.

(1) Medical Leave

Full-time employees accrue 1.5 days of medical leave per month.  A maximum of 120 medical days can be accrued.  Employees can convert up to two days of medical leave to vacation (staff,, personal leave (faculty) as follows:  0-2 medical days used eligible to convert 2 days vacation/personal leave; 3-4 medical days used eligible to convert 1 day vacation/personal day.  An additional 22 days of medical leave is available for extended illness and is paid at 2/3 pay upon approval.

(2) Personal Leave

Personal leave of two (2) days per semester may be granted to any full-time employee of the District. This is interpreted to mean January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31. Personal leave must be used in the semester earned or it shall be forfeited. Such absences shall be granted at full pay upon submission of request by the individual to the Division Chairperson and/or the immediate supervisor and approval by the President or his/her designee. Personal leave is not to be taken the day preceding or following an official District vacation period without the President’s concurrence.

(3) Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave with full pay may be granted to full-time employees of the District by the President. Normally, bereavement leave is awarded only for deaths in the immediate family. Bereavement leave can be granted with full pay for absences associated with such deaths to a maximum of five (5) working days.

(4) Emergency Leave

For emergency circumstances other than bereavements, emergency leave with full pay may be granted to any full-time employee of the District by the President up to three (3) days maximum per event. Emergency leave exceeding three (3) days may be granted without pay. Emergencies extending or accumulating ten (10) days or more require approval of the President.

Conditions for granting emergency leave are as follows:
(a) The situation shall be of such a nature that generally pre-planning by the employee is not possible, one which is serious, essentially unavoidable and of importance, not one of mere convenience.

(b) Examples of situations that qualify for emergency leave are:
1. Threat to an employee’s property such as floods, storms, fire or similar conditions;

2. Other emergency events that require time away from assigned duties and which are beyond the control of the employee or which cannot be reasonably anticipated or avoided.

(c) Emergency leave will not be approved due to weather conditions when the decision has been made to keep the campuses open.

(5) Educational Leave

Full time faculty, professional employees, and classified staff are eligible for educational leave to a maximum of one year. Conditions for granting educational leave are as follows:

(a) For full time faculty, four (4) academic years of satisfactory service.

(b) For professional employees and classified staff, three (3) years of satisfactory service.

(c) The District is able to replace the employee with a qualified individual. Educational leave may be granted by the President. Educational leave is subject to contractual agreement between the District employee and the Board of Trustees.

(6) Professional Leave

All employees are eligible to apply for leave to attend:

(a) Professional meetings or activities related to employment;

(b) Faculty-staff professional improvement meetings or activities.

(c) North Central and other professional accreditation visits.

All applications must be approved by the President or designee.

(7) Consulting, Research, Exchange Leave

Consulting or research leave is not authorized except as otherwise provided.

Foreign and/or domestic exchange teaching is authorized when reciprocal salary arrangements exist. Board of Trustees’ approval is required.

(8) Political Leave

Faculty and/or staff members may file for political office. Impact of such service must be ascertained in all cases.

(a) When election to an office results in protracted absence from the job, political leave without pay is granted. Protracted absence is defined as an accumulation of ten (10) or more day’s absence from the District within an academic or fiscal year, as appropriate.

(b) Those filing for an elective office must apply for leave through the President’s office.

(c) If political service and resultant absences adversely affect the capability of the employee to fulfill his/her contractual and/or job requirements as determined by the President, the employee’s contractual status will be reevaluated.

(d) District salaries relinquished by the employee during political service will be utilized as necessary to pay for substitute employees hired during his/her absence. The employee may continue benefits with the District during political leave. Personnel of equal qualifications shall be sought and must be approved by the President or his designee.

(9) Sabbatical Leave

(a) Purpose. Sabbatical Leave may be granted for the purpose of increasing the individual’s professional competence and value to the District and for enhancing his/her personal and professional growth. Sabbatical leave time may be used for study which may or may not lead to an advanced degree, for research, for writing, for educational travel, for work in the area of the individual’s specialty, or for any combination of these.

(b) Eligibility. All full-time faculty and staff members shall be eligible for sabbatical leave after having completed six (6) continuous years of full-time contractual service at the District. Half-time faculty members and part-time staff members who have been in continuous service and who are promoted to full-time employment shall be allowed prorated credit for their service to
the District when being considered for sabbatical leave. A recipient of a sabbatical leave shall become eligible to apply for a subsequent sabbatical leave after again fulfilling the requirements, with time of service being calculated from the date of return to full-time duties at the District.
Any eligible faculty member may apply for and with approval is entitled to:

(a) One semester with full pay; or (b) Two semesters (one academic year) with half pay, or (c) an alternative that is comparable in time and pay to (a) and (b).

Any eligible staff member may apply for and with approval is entitled to: (a) six months with full pay; or (b) 12 months with half pay, or (c) an alternative that is comparable in time and pay to (a) and (b).

(c) Sabbatical leaves are granted with the understanding that the employee will return to the District for at least one contractual year after the leave has been taken. If the employee fails to return for at least one contractual year, he shall be required to reimburse the District an amount equal to the cost of the sabbatical, unless prevented by death or disability.

(10.) Jury Duty

Employees shall not sustain loss of their regular compensation or any loss of benefits when called on for jury duty or to testify at the order of a court or other agency of the government.
Vacation accruals are not affected by time spent on jury or witness service.