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Whether you are interested in performing on stage, teaching music or recording as a music technician, earning a degree in Music will allow you to orchestrate your future. NWCCD’s nationally recognized Music degree program features expert faculty, numerous performance opportunities with award-winning ensembles and a world-class music education center, the Whitney Center for the Arts. Earning a Music degree from NWCCD will allow you to transfer into Bachelor’s degree programs nationwide or begin your career as a musician. This Associate of Fine Arts in Music program is available at Sheridan College.


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Industry Outlook

Many Music students transfer into Bachelor’s degree programs to earn advanced degrees in Music Education, Music Performance, Composition/Arranging and other related fields. Some Music graduates take their enhanced musical skills to work as musicians, performing across the nation. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job growth in the job fields of Musicians and Singers, as well as Music Directors and Composers.


Careers and Opportunities

Whether performing, teaching, recording, coaching, composing or writing, Musicians find employment in a variety of music-related fields. Earning an Associate degree in Music from NWCCD will allow you to transfer to colleges, universities and music schools nationwide to receive advanced training and degrees. A degree in Music can lead to a career such as:

  • Musician
  • Music teacher
  • Composer
  • Choral director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Music historian
  • Music agent
  • Music critic
  • Songwriter
  • Music school administrator
  • Performer
  • Vocalist
  • Music technician
  • Recording manager
  • Vocal coach



Our Music students gain real-world experience performing on stages by participating in many different musical performance groups.


Our Program

Our Associate of Fine Arts degree in Music has earned regional and national recognition for excellence. You will have the opportunity to tailor your Associate degree program to emphasize General Music or Music Technology. As a student, you will learn to become proficient in theory, develop instrumental or vocal performance skills and understand historical perspectives of music. We take pride in teaching you the fundamentals of music with courses such as Written Theory, Aural Theory, Music Technology, Music History and more. You will also the opportunity to take lesson electives based on your interests, with offerings including Clarinet, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Percussion, Trumpet and Voice.


Sheridan College Music Department affords you the opportunity to perform exciting and challenging music in a wide range of styles alongside classmates, current music educators and community members. Our Music program includes opportunities to showcase and grow your skills in many unique ensembles.


Full Tuition Scholarships Available!

For more information, please contact Dr. Rachel Bergman.



Musical Performance Groups

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir at Sheridan College includes singers who meet regularly to rehearse work of sufficient difficulty to challenge vocal music students. A variety of forms are included in the repertoire, from madrigals to modern jazz. The ensemble tours each spring and averages 10-20 performances a year. Students must audition for this group.


Chamber Orchestra

This select ensemble features compositions using 9 – 20 instruments.


Collegiate Chorale

Sheridan College’s Collegiate Chorale is a large chorus that performs a variety of choral music. The Collegiate Chorale typically performances once each semester.


Guitar Ensemble

This group provides opportunities for students to study and perform guitar music in a small-group ensemble.


Jazz Combo

This group is a performing ensemble which provides opportunities for students to study jazz combo music in an organized group setting. Techniques for improvisation are explored.


Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble at Sheridan College is an ensemble usually numbering from 14 to 18 members and performs an array of jazz genres. The group typically performs two concerts each semester and may perform at other functions such as dances.


Music Tech Ensemble

The Music Tech Ensemble creates, rehearses and performs music using handheld electronic devices, laptop computers, synthesizers, and other instruments. Emphasis is placed on group composition and improvisation in a variety of musical styles and genres.


Percussion Ensemble

This ensemble provides opportunities for students to study and perform percussion music in an organized group.


Symphony Orchestra

This group provides opportunities for students to study and perform symphonic literature from a wide variety of historical periods in an ensemble setting.


Viol Concort

This group provides opportunities for the student to study and perform music predating the common practice era in a small-group ensemble. Period instruments, performance practice, and repertoire are explored. The ensemble performs on authentic Viola da Gambas built for Sheridan College.


Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble ranges from 35-50 members and performs symphonic band literature, including many standard major works, at two concerts per semester.


As a Music student at Sheridan College, you will learn from our world-class Music faculty in our new Whitney Center for the Arts.


Faculty and Community

Our distinguished faculty at NWCCD are dedicated to helping you establish strong foundational skills in Music to advance your career. Our faculty have performed, recorded and composed music around the world, with academic backgrounds such as Yale University, Eastman School of Music, Manhattan School of Music, University of Maryland, University of Wyoming and University of Michigan.


Northern Wyoming Community College District’s Music Department at Sheridan College has built strong relationships with music institutions across the region and nation.  Our Music students have been awarded unique learning opportunities, such as performing with the Small College Intercollegiate Band at the College Band Directors National Associate convention in Nashville, Tennessee.


As a Music student, you will have the opportunity to study in one of the nation’s premier music education centers, the new Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College. The WCA, a $20 million facility, includes recital and performance space, recording studios to enhance your music portfolio, classrooms and a 422-seat concert hall.


The NWCCD Music program also features integration with the local arts community in the form of support for resources, the opportunity to perform with local musicians and more.


Explore events and gallery shows in the Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College.


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