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Industrial Technology

  • Industrial Technology

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From cars to computers, phones to heavy machinery, today’s technology field is more diverse and more complex than ever. With so many avenues and professions, experienced and trained workers are in demand across the technology sector. NWCCD’s Industrial Technology degree, available at both Sheridan College and Gillette College, allows you to match your course of study to your interests and professional goals. NWCCD’s Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Technology is ideal for students looking to experience a broad spectrum of courses in the technical department.


Industry Outlook

The technology field continues to grow in diversity and sophistication. This growth has created a demand for trained technicians and professionals across numerous job fields. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics, part of the U.S. Department of Labor, predicts job growth for related technology industries, such as machinists and tool makers, industrial machinery mechanics, welders, cutters, diesel service technicians and more.


Careers and Opportunities

With the broad field of technology continuing to expand, job prospects are high. Earning NWCCD’s highly regarded degree in Industrial Technology will provide you the foundational knowledge to succeed in several jobs. A degree in Industrial Technology can lead you to join a related field like:


  • Mechanic
  • Welder
  • Diesel technology professional
  • Carpenter
  • Small engine mechanic
  • Automotive service technician
  • Industrial electrician



Many NWCCD students simultaneously earn degrees in Industrial Technology and related programs like Machine Tool Technology, Diesel Technology and Industrial Electricity.


Our Program

NWCCD’s Industrial Technology program is ideal for students interested in the broad, ever-changing technology arena. This Associate of Applied Science degree program is available at both Sheridan College and Gillette College. The program’s flexible course schedule and numerous elective options allow many NWCCD students to earn this degree in addition to degrees in Industrial Electricity, Carpentry, Machine Tool Technology, Diesel Technology and more. You will have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree while sampling a variety of courses within the technical departments. As an NWCCD graduate, you will be positioned to work in the technology industry in several generalist positions.


NWCCD offers state-of-the-art Technical Education Centers at Sheridan College and Gillette College. As an NWCCD Industrial Technology student, you have the opportunity to work with NWCCD’s industry partners, including Cloud Peak Energy and Cyclone Drilling, to select a custom program of technical classes and create a degree path that meets the needs of that industrial partner. NWCCD technical students also compete in SkillsUSA competitions on the Wyoming state and national levels, giving you opportunities to showcase your skills and knowledge.


NWCCD’s Industrial Technology program is ideal for students interested in the broad, ever-changing technology arena.


Faculty and Community

NWCCD’s outstanding, award-winning faculty members are dedicated to your success in our Career and Technical Education programs. Faculty members will make sure you have the knowledge to enter the workforce and the skills to succeed.


NWCCD at Sheridan College and Gillette College has a longstanding commitment to excellence in technical education. We have had faculty members earn National Technical Teacher of the Year and students win the National Outstanding Technical Student of the Year from the American Technical Education Association.


Our expert faculty members will guide you through hands-on courses and help you achieve your academic and professional goals.



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