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Environmental Engineering

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Environmental engineers are integral to developing, maintaining and enhancing environmental systems. From water and air quality to natural lands, environmental engineers conduct research and develop solutions to environmental issues and problems. NWCCD’s Environmental Engineering Technology degree program at Sheridan College will give you the background in math, science, chemistry and engineering you need to become an Environmental Engineering Technician or transfer into a Bachelor’s degree program nationwide in Environmental Engineering.


Industry Outlook

Environmental challenges include pollution, hazardous waste, climate change, recycling and more. Environmental engineers study these challenges and develop solutions using math and science to sustain, protect and enhance natural resources. Environmental engineers may travel to analyze natural lands, water and air, presenting and writing reports.


The field of Environmental Engineering is growing in complexity, presenting new opportunities and jobs for engineers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts continued growth for the field of Environmental Engineers, adding 8,100 jobs from 2012-2022, a 15% growth in the industry. Steady job growth is also predicted for Environmental Engineering Technicians, adding 3,500 jobs.


Careers and Opportunities

Environmental engineers are employed across the public and private sectors, working for government agencies, in international relations and for private consulting firms. Graduating from NWCCD’s highly regarded Environmental Engineering Technology degree program will give you the academic foundation to transfer and pursue an advanced degree in Environmental Engineering or a related field, or join the workforce as an Environmental Engineering Technician. Your job responsibilities may include:


  • Researching environmental issues
  • Using math and science to develop systems
  • Testing solutions
  • Collecting samples
  • Hands-on data sampling
  • Managing environmental projects
  • Writing and presenting reports
  • Working outdoors



We are proud to see our NWCCD graduates take on environmental engineering issues across the country.


Our Program

Our NWCCD Associate of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering Technology degree program at Sheridan College will introduce you to engineering and environmental processes. You will have the opportunity to take the classroom to the outdoors, collecting and testing data samples. As a student in this program, you will examine environmental standards and learn Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD), data collection and modeling.


Our NWCCD Environmental Engineering Technology program is led by expert faculty who have years of experience as industry professionals. Our faculty will guide you through challenging and engaging courses, such as Environmental Geology, Project Management, Civil Drafting, Engineer Computing and Physics. You will also have the opportunity to enroll in our Engineering Technology capstone course, which focusses on field work, sampling, modeling and reporting data.


Our NWCCD Environmental Engineering Technology program includes a capstone course focusing on field work, data sampling, data modeling and data reporting.


Faculty and Community

Our expert Environmental Engineering Technology faculty at NWCCD are dedicated to making sure you learn the skills and knowledge you need to enter the field as a technician or transfer and pursue advanced training and degrees. They will introduce you to the foundations of environmental engineering, chemistry, physics and more.


Our faculty believe in hands-on learning for our Environmental Engineering Technology students, allowing you to experience Wyoming’s outdoors as your classroom. Our award-winning faculty bring years of experience as industry professionals, engineers and technicians to help you learn the trades of the field.



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